How Paintings are Produced and Why You Should Care


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People in the past believed that hanging a painting on the corner of the home is something that only the affluent members of the society did.

Somehow it was true, because paintings produced by legends and superheroes were not only ginormously expensive; they were also few and far between -- truly what was popularly known as collector's items.

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Nowadays, however, paintings are everywhere. They are still of great value, but significantly affordable.

They are meant to communicate something. Painting is a language in itself. Thus, they are of value.

When I hold a brush or a palette knife, I have a message to express.

I, then, visualize how I can communicate it to everybody.

My expectation is simple: a simple nod or a raised eyebrow from the watcher (it's You) is enough to agree or disagree.

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According to Fox Hill Community blog, painting has extraordinary benefits to offer, namely:

1. it fosters creative growth
2. it strengthens memory
3. it builds problem-solving and motor skills
4. it offers stress relief 
5. it promotes an optimistic attitude, and  
6. it nurtures emotional growth

And all these make me continue to produce my artwork.

Any thoughts about art appreciation?




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  • Joseph W Gallagher

    I started painting after I retired from teaching. I have been writing poetry for over 50 years and decided that painting my poems would be an interesting hobby. Surprisingly, I have found that painting has created a synergistic effect which has reignited my energies for poetry.

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